Remixed Music Video

For this assignment, we had to do something that mixed our class theme of “The Cover” with music and making it something of our own. I decided to take a song by an artist, in my case, Michael Jackson, and make a new music video to match it using other music video clips by the […]

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Twitter Bot

This assignment was one of our first in my Digital Studies class, and it’s actually one of my favorite creations! I was able to create an automated Twitter bot and I chose to do one that would give different greetings from around the world in a multitude of languages! It is a great thing to […]

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Harry the Godfather

One of the funnier, weirder assignments my DS106 course did this year was to put Harry the Hipster into a siutation of our choice. I enjoyed this picture of him, as it showed him in a mellow way I hadn’t seen in any of the other pictures. So I decided to capitalize on this and […]

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The Rook

Dr. Eugene Hawes has always lived in the balance between life and death. More times than not, he has his hands on the latter. As a medical examiner in New York, he never has a dull night, but working with detectives like Sherlock Holmes makes it all more riveting. Holmes was shunned socially by the department […]

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